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Welcome to the Lava Lamp section. I have always been a big fan of Lava Lamps
and decided to feature unique ones that I find. I will be adding more so if there is
one you would like that you don't see here email me @ sales@angelsgalaxy.com

14.5" Halloween Sounds

14.5" Northern Lights
Glitter Lamp

14.5" Metallic Blue
Lava Lamp

14.5" Metallic Purple
Lava Lamp

11.5" Light Blue
Lava Lamp

Silver Glitter with
Teal Liquid Lamp

14.5" Black
Lava Lamp

14.5" Paintball
Lava Lamp

11.5" Pink Wax
Lava Lamp


These lightbulbs fit into any standard socket and are not replacement lava bulbs. I do not have replacement bulbs in stock at the moment but you can see the sizes below to find out which size you need. If you wish to preorder one email me at the address above.

Color Changing
LED Bulb

Lava Lamp Size
Bulb Size
100 Watt
17" & 16.5"
40 Watt
25 Watt
15 Watt

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