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Silver Glitter with Teal Liquid Motion Lamp

When you want the soothing effects of a lava lamp but you want something
a bit more sophisticated this lamp is for you. It looks great on an office
desk and is a great conversation peice. This lamp is a bit bigger than the
lava plus lamp. Lamp shade is not included in this so a 10 in angled shade is
recommended. There is a four position switch that allows you to have the
lava lamp on by itself or with the light and vice versa. The light part
uses a 60 watt bulb that is not included.

*This lamp has been discontinued and they have no plans to make more. I cannot
issue a refund or exchange for this lamp*

Additional Info:
White wax / green liquid / bronze base & cap
Aluminum base
Plugs into a power outlet
40 watt light bulb for LAVA lamp included
60 watt light bulb for table lamp (NOT included)
Includes saddle to accommodate shades with harp and finial

Lamp base measurements:
19in tall
7.1in wide
52 oz. LAVA globe


Only 1 left in stock! Order now before it's gone!

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