Lava Lamp Care Guide and Instructions

Here you will find information on how to properly care for your Lava Lamp and known issues. The first thing to keep in mind is every Lava Lamp has its own personality. Some people say, "This lava lamp doesn't move like my other one." This is not a cause for concern. There are so many variables and reasons they behave the way they do I doubt you will find two that move exactly the same. In fact they are so varied one company is using a wall filled with lava lamps as a random number generator as seen in the video below.

Lava Lamps are not for children. They can get very hot and burn little hands. They also have a habit of shaking them, making them cloudy and then telling you they didn't touch it. I don't give refunds for either of these two issues. I will not be held liable for your lack of commom sense. You should never heat a lamp on anything other than the base it came with. When replacing the bulbs you need to make sure you have correct wattage. Too high wattage can cause your lamp to get very cloudy with many small globs all floating at the top. The effects may be irreversible. I have a Lava Lamp that someone gave me with this issue. It was given with a 45 watt bulb and needed a 25. It is super cloudy as the images show. It always started moving faster and always had tons of tiny globules. I would usually turn it off after only 30 minutes of running. I have since changed the bulb but the cloudiness seems permanent. Too low of a wattage and the lava won't heat up enough to start a lava flow. When you first get your Lava Lamp sometimes the solid wax has shifted during shipment and the coil is not flat on the bottom. That is fine just turn your lamp on and let it melt and the coil should float to the bottom. In rare cases the lamp needs a little nudge to get it there but be careful and do not shake it. I saw a bad review once with a woman complaining that there is a metal ring at the bottom of the lamp and it "obviously" did not belong there. I assure you that it belongs there. It helps the lava heat up and there will be no refunds because an essential component exists. Also when you get your lamp check the socket the bulb goes into and make sure it is centered. Sometimes it shifts during shipping. Do NOT manhandle it and break it. Gently nudge it out of the way. If you feel you may break it by handling it leave it alone. I have had a few that I did not fix and all it did was cause the lava to start on the side instead of the center and it still made its own unique patterns. To make sure your Lava Lamp stays healthy you should use it at least 6 hours a day and no more than 10 hours. Lava Lamps prefer to keep flowing and really get upset when they aren't being used or shoved in a closet. It's also not a good idea to tease your lamp by turning it on for a little bit and then turning it off. You should at least let the lava flow for a bit before putting it to sleep and let it cool completely before you wake it back up. You should never heat your Lava Lamp on anything other than the base it came with or it could explode. Carefully read the instruction manual that came with your Lava Lamp. I will be adding instruction manuals here. If you need an instruction manual email me with as many details as you can and I can send you them in photo form that your computer or mobile can open. Please specify size of lamp, whether its lava or glitter, and any other details that may help me identify your lamp. Sometimes colors and patterns are size specific. I have only used Lava Brand Lava Lamps and am unfamiliar with other brands and knock-offs so I may not be able to give advice for anything other than real Lava Lamps. I'm not sure if I got to everything here but if you have questions please email me at and I will do my best to assist you and maybe post your question here.

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