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14.5" Halloween Sounds LAVA Lamp

This unique lava lamp will make a great addition to your halloween party.
It also works as every day decoration if you like spiders and webs.
The spider's eyes light up when it makes its witch cackling sound.
The spider sound activated clip hangs off the lava lamp base and there
is an on/off switch in the back. I personally own one of these and it is
really cool. I will share a few of my photos here along with my beautiful
black cat that was so curious about the sounds she photobombed my lamp.
The photos really do not do this lamp justice. While not lit the appears
yellow with a deep purple liquid. When it lights up the liquid is pinkish
until the blobs start flowing. Thats when describing the color becomes
difficult. The lava goes from shades of yellow to orange while the liquid
is a miryad of shades from pink to purple.

Additional Info:
Yellow wax / purple liquid
spider web grosted globe pattern / black base & cap
Aluminum base
25 watt light bulb included
Plugs into a power outlet


Only 2 left in stock! Order now before they are gone!

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